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A great range of reconditioned auto parts

A1 Auto Recyclers is Corrimal's trusted source of reconditioned and recycled spare auto parts. We have a fantastic range of car parts, all inspected, cleaned, and brought back to as-new condition. All of our spares come with rock-solid quality assurances, so you can rest easy. 

As a quality car wrecker, we work hard to provide only the best spares for a great range of makes and models. Refurbished spares are not just for older cars, as we have a significant selection of parts for late-model cars also. 

For more information about our product range, please call us in Corrimal and speak to one of our friendly staff members. 

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Products and services

A1 Auto Recyclers is a full service car wrecker, which means we take care of everything related to second-hand and reconditioned spares. Our specialist car part services include:

  • Supply of top-quality refurbished spare parts
  • Disposal of unwanted cars
  • Installation of spare auto parts

For more information, or if you have any enquiries about our services or inventory, please feel free to call us in Corrimal. Our team of professionals are ready to supply the parts you need, at fantastic prices. 

About us

A1 Auto Recyclers's car wreckers have been operating in Corrimal for a number of years. We've established a reputation as a key supplier of refurbished car parts that are reliable, high-quality, and much cheaper than their factory-new equivalents. After-market spares are a safe investment, as they are painstakingly returned to as-new condition, and backed by guarantees of their durability and quality. Our reconditioned spares are put through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that you only get the best. Refurbished spares are also the environmentally responsible choice, as by reusing the resources we already have, you're lessening the stress on the planet's unrenewable assets.